Bay Pride

What is Bay Pride?

We are proud to have made history in 2019 with the first Bay Pride festival ever to be held in Panama City! In so doing, we overcame doubters and a driving rainstorm! The outpouring of community and sponsor support was astounding. An estimated 2,000 folks attended the 1st Annual Bay Pride Panama City.

Bay Pride has established itself as the largest Pride Celebration in a 100-mile radius. In the continuing years, the event will celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, focus attention on the accomplishments of community members and recognize those who have helped us grow.

Bay Pride Sponsorships

Your support will allow us to advance our 501(c)(3) organization’s goals related to education, advocacy and celebration; expand our Scholarship Program benefiting LGBTQ+ high school students; and continue to offer the only all-inclusive LGBTQ+ youth program in the Florida Panhandle. Sponsorship of Bay Pride also helps provide a great, family-friendly festival for the entire community.

Bay Pride is an excellent opportunity for you to brand and market your company to the thousands of people who will attend the event. This year, a combination of marketing channels including social media, print, website/web links, and visual marketing will be used to maximize the visibility of our Bay Pride Partners.

Please review the sponsorship options included with this letter, and let me know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. I would be happy to provide you with any information that may help you make your sponsorship decision.

Why Should You Sponsor Bay Pride?

    1.  The largest family-friendly Pride Festival in a 100 mile radius
    2.  The largest LGBTQ+ gathering in Panama City history, with thousands of attendees
    3.  Ideal opportunity to talk face-to-face with thousands of potential customers
    4.  One year of promotion on our social media and at our events
    5.  Exclusive sponsorships in key areas


Bay Pride sponsorship benefits extend for one full year. Your company will be recognized on the LGBTQ+ Center of Bay County website, in print ads, posters, flyers, and on a banner used throughout the year at community events!