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The Gulf Coast LGBTQ+ Center's Community Partners Program

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What does it mean to be a Community Partner or Welcoming Neighborhood?

The Community Partners Program is an initiative by the Gulf Coast LGBTQ+ Center to create stronger connections between Bay County businesses, organizations, and neighborhoods to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment for EVERYONE. This program is shaped around education, proactive policy adoption, and loud celebration of the differences that make us unique, but stronger together! Enrolling in the Community Partners Program means that you are officially dedicating to inclusivity, openness, and hospitality without judgement. It means that your door is open for everyone!

What are the benefits?

What's more attractive to clients and visitors than being an inclusive and safe place?


Enrolled businesses and organizations will be listed on the LGBTQ+ Center’s website as an official Community Partner. This is an excellent way to show the LGBTQ+ community and our allies that you are LGBTQ+ friendly and excited to serve them as clients! It also shows the community at large that you are dedicated to serving everyone equally, regardless of who they are. Entities are invited to submit a blurb about their organization's or business's commitment to inclusion to accompany their listing on our Community Partnership webpage. Neighborhoods will be listed as Welcoming Neighborhoods as well.


How does this work?

The Community Partners Program will serve as a registry of businesses, organizations, health professionals, and neighborhoods that are committed to offering inclusive and equitable services to all in our community. If your business/organization/neighborhood would like to be included in this directory, please complete the application form and we will contact you.

If approved, the Center will provide materials to be displayed in your neighborhood/organization/business.

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