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Therapy Referral Program

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve LGTBQ+ members of the local community with integrated services to include personal coping tools, individual and group therapy, and mental health services. We are dedicated to guiding a marginalized and under-represented community to their most ideal and abundant lives.

What is the Therapy Referral Program about?

Members of marginalized and underprivileged demographics are more at risk of suicide, struggle in social and work-oriented aspects of their lives, and often go many years suffering in silence, before finding the resources they need to cope with their unique challenges. It is our hope that LGBTQ+ members of this community find support, through our newly established mental health services, and can begin a journey of healing in an inclusive, understanding, and most of all, safe environment.

Our counselors are committed to exploring your individual struggles, walking beside you in this journey, every step of the way, and providing an environment where you can discover not only your best self, but also bring out the best in those around you. Our vision is a community that is empowered, encouraged, incapable of being held back by the odds they face in every aspect of their beautifully unique lives. 

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